Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Love Old Kitchen Gadgets

 I noticed in our Sunday newspaper, about a week before the 4th of July, that the Parade insert had an interesting recipe for Mini-Pies. They were being touted as picnic food, as they are a hand-held dessert. I decided to try them out, and they came out delicious and handy as promised. I made one batch of apple pies and one of marionberry, as it is high berry season here in Oregon. They were a big hit.
You simply cut out small rounds of dough, and put a scoop of filling on the bottom round, then the directions said to cut a vent on the top round, place on the bottom one and seal with a fork. BUT, I have a wonderful little tool passed down from my Mom and Aunt Minnie that worked like a charm. The above little wheel with tines was made for sealing pie crusts. You just turn it on it's side and 'wheel' around the edge.
 On the other side is a decorative shape, made to push into the dough and form a vent for the steam to escape.
Nice pies, with nice sealed edges and a cute 'vent' on top. Now that's a handy tool!

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Peter Jones said...

Your pies are Bee-ootiful! I just wish I could get some of that Oregon berry goodness!