Monday, February 16, 2015

A New Kitchen Look

 At Christmas time my cousin Beckie wrote to tell me that she wanted to give me a table and chairs that my Aunt and Uncle had owned. The table came from my grandparents, Guy & Mabel Erskine, and the chairs my Aunt & Uncle purchased to go along with the table. Beckie knows my love of family history, and it fits perfectly with my taste and decorating style. (An extra plus is that I just love the set, and have many happy memories of meals around it. Doesn't the idea of many delicious meals served make a dinning table extra rich?). We made a quick trip to pick the set up this past week-end, and today on Presidents Day had our first breakfast together. I can't begin to express my delight.
 The table legs had been cut down at some point in its life, and the table was currently on casters, but the insurance man removed them as he didn't want me rolling it around and scratching the oak floor. He quickly made some temporary risers yesterday, to make it the right height, and will be working on a permanent fix.
 I love oak, and the chairs are so comfortable and the carving so pretty on the chair backs. This really is a perfect fit for our kitchen and needs.
A few years ago, Beckie also passed on to me this wonderful dresser used by the same grandparents at their Oregon farm, and then by her mother and father. Next to it is a small oil lamp that her father, my Uncle Roy, used as a child. I painted the lamp holder for him as a gift about 40 years ago. Beckie and her brother were kind enough to also pass this along to me, and I view it as a real treasure. Next to that is a bed that belonged to a great aunt in the same family. My house is full of family inherited things, and I admit my sentimentality and love of things old. I wonder in which home these pieces will next reside? I am blessed.

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