Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anniversary Camping

This year the insurance man and I celebrated 44 years of being married to our best friend(s). We decided early in the year to go camping, and so reserved a campsite out along the Metolius River. That is Black Butte you can see at the far end of the river. This is the most beautiful river that I have ever seen. (Please do click on the photo above, it is so worth it!) The head of the river comes out from beneath the ground under Black Butte, and therefore is so pure and so clean.
I posted about camping here last year, and it is one of our favorites. We parked in a nice campsite and relaxed for a couple of days. (Look familiar William?) We read, played games, napped, ate and hiked.
Along both sides of the river are great hiking trails. There are always good wildflowers here, spring through fall, but this year all the wild sweet peas were out, blanketing the edges of the river.

At night we sat and listened to the river while watching the campfire and stars. Ah.....

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