Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June and Macy

 The month of June has been unusually busy for the insurance man and I. After we attended Kendall's graduation, we decided to have her younger sister Macy come for a week. We picked her up and then took her camping up at Walton Lake in the Ochoco mountains. One day we drove to a snow park near the top of the mountain, and she found an old growth ponderosa pine stump to stand on, and a log cabin that they use to warm people up during the ski season.
 We also found a lot of blooming wildflowers, and she picked a big bouquet for the camp trailer.

 One hot evening we took her to the park that is close by the house, and she mainly had it to herself. Lots of playground fun.

 The following week she and I attended Vacation Bible School every morning, she as a participant and I as her leader. It turned out that we had three boys in our group too, and they are the insurance man's 2nd cousins. So it was all one big happy family. They all liked the science class each day and making things.
 The bible stories, the videos, the games and of course the snacks. Macy, Josh, Elliott and Luke and I had a great week together.
 JoAnn spent the week crocheting Macy a poncho for this fall, and it turned out so cute on her. What a great idea!
And during all this we have had a pretty good heat wave. On our trip taking Macy home we recorded this landmark temperature about one hour north of us. Wow...I think maybe it's time for July, and a bit of a slowdown as well.


Lora said...

That is so neat that you got to have mostly family in your group!! I know the boys had an awesome week at vbs. Thank you for being their teacher.

Kathy Poncy said...

Such a sweet post, Jennie. You are having a fun summer.