Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy 16th Sam!

 Right from the beginning in Chicago, we knew we had something special...
Samuel Nils Jones.
 He started out liking balls of all sorts, but I have to admit that the sailboat was from Mom, and the stuffed rabbit from Grammie. It still made for one of my favorite photos.
 Samuel has always been a delight in our lives.
 I was hard put to find photos of Samuel that didn't include fishing.
 He always has a fishing pole at the ready...
 to catch a fish.
 As he grew, so did his patience, knowledge and expertise. I think he is now our unqualified family fisherman. You would think that fishing is all he does, but no, he is a man of varied talents. He likes to draw and paint, play the piano, hunt with bow and arrow, be outdoors building snow forts, hollowing out a tree for a canoe, hunting for bugs or toads or foxes, or babysitting a brother or sister. He is an avid Mountaineer fan and loves football. Sam has a tender heart for babies and you'll often find him minding one of the little ones.
He loves his extended family too, and here he is enjoying some time with Great Grandma and Grandpa.
Today we celebrate the young man he has become as he turns 16! Happy Birthday, and we are so proud of you!

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Peter Jones said...

This was so sweet of you. You have a good many pictures of that boy! One might get the mistaken impression that he is without fault. :-) No, seriously, thanks for the many kind words. He loves you much.