Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer days of July

As I have mentioned before, the deer roam loose in our neighborhood, and indeed in most of our small city...looking wonderful and causing much havoc with traffic and gardens. We have a nice tall fence to keep them out of our back yard, which does the trick so that I can garden to my heart's content back there. Last week, we had a contractor come by to give us a bid on refinishing our deck. We never saw him come or go, but he somehow left open the gate to our back yard. We found this out when the insurance man came home for lunch and called me down to witness three triplet fawns lying in the back yard grass. Mama had been feasting all morning to her great delight. It sure didn't take them long to find an open gate! I will skip the descriptions of the damage done, and just say how cute the three fawns were. I couldn't get a photo of all three, because as soon as I came out with my camera they scampered to follow mama back through the forbidden garden gate.
And on another note, the insurance man took a short trip down to visit his brother who is fighting forest fires down in the SE corner of Oregon. He is loading fire retardant into airplanes, about 8-10 loads per day when it's busy.
I think they had a good, but short, time together and the insurance man enjoyed watching and seeing what his older brother is up to.

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