Monday, October 5, 2009

His name is 'Baggins'!

I have a lot of pictures saved up for some short posts, so hopefully will get a few shorter posts on in quicker time, esp. with snow and colder temps outside to keep me inside!
We were very fortunate to find a young out-of-work man, one of JoAnn's friends to help us out in the yard for the last few weeks. Nate was a real help, and since he had some landscape knowledge and experience we really put him to work. Here is Nate's back, along with the insurance man working on re-structuring a berm we have out front. It needed to be spread out and the grass removed, so the beautiful tree could be featured. This is a blue spruce that Grandma Bethel gave us as a small sprout. The insurance man also used up some of the many lava rocks he had dug up in his work in the back yard.
While working Nate found a frog and brought him or her to me. I told him to wait a moment while I dashed for my camera. I told him the 'boys' would be delighted to see his find.
This frog definitely had a smile on it's face. Sam and Will, what kind of frog is it? The markings were beautiful, and it wasn't very big. But it did have a big 'froggy' voice.
Will the four of you decide on a name for this frog, and leave it in the comments section? Then I will add the name to the title of this blog. You are so good at names after all.

Just one of the joys of working in the outdoors...God's handiwork.


Anonymous said...

And isn't it great to see the sun again. Loved the post. When my dad and I would go fishing on the Rogue river (when I was 5) by the end of the day his bait canister would be lacking worms and filled with frogs. Gotta love'em.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Baggins. If he sticks around I have a cousin who works with Hollywood Animals (company name) as a trainer. Maybe he could croak in a movie or a commercial. Ya never know. My Aunt's ancient turtle Methusula (sp?) was just in a commercial for Target. Cracked me up. He earned his lettuce that day.