Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last of my Seattle Trip

Towards the end of my week in Seattle, I met up with some high school friends that ended in my 40th class reunion.

At the age of twelve, after 6th grade, I decided to go to a private Christian school called King's Garden. My grandparents had saved all their lives so that if my brother and I decided to go to private school we would be able to. King's was a long ways from home in Edmonds, a northern it meant a lot of long bus rides. I met some wonderful people in my six years there, and am still friends with many today. The campus was an old TB sanitarium and acreage, complete with a farm. In those years King's was one of the only boarding schools in the area, so we had many foreign students as well. The architecture of the buildings was and still is just a college campus in the east in many ways.
One of my good friends Martha was unable to come to the reunion, so I met her for an afternoon lunch and catch-up in Everett, just north of Seattle. Then another good friend, Lois, flew in from Chicago, and came and picked me up Saturday morning at my brothers'. We drove and picked up another friend Bev, and spent the day together. We were all friends from junior high at King's, as Bev left after 9th grade. We had a wonderful day in Seattle, with great weather to boot. (Not a small blessing in Seattle!)
We had lunch at Ivar's on the shore of Lake Union. Lois is on the left, Bev on the right. We asked a young man to take our photo, and when he asked what the occasion was we told him we were junior high friends getting together after 34 years. You should have seen his jaw drop : )

It was a beautiful and busy day on the Seattle waterfront. This was the view from our picnic table as we feasted on fish and chips (not hamburgers!)

We also spent some time at Greenlake, a famous Seattle lake and park, just being together and chatting.
After driving back to my brothers, we changed clothes and picked up the insurance man for our class reunion. We met at Anthony's, a nice seafood restaurant and you guessed it, right on the water, except it was Puget Sound in Edmonds, close to our old school. We enjoyed an excellent meal, and watched the sun go down across the water as we talked and shared stories. My graduating class wasn't very big, but now people are spread out literally over the U.S. and the world. So there were only nine of us there, but with our spouses it made a nice group for visiting. Here is a small photo of the insurance man and me enjoying the dinner. We had a great time, and the restaurant staff had to finally kick us out as no one wanted to leave and it was a beautiful night.

The following day after Church, we drove to the school grounds for an Alumni barbecue. My brother joined us as he had graduated there too, four years after I did. Here we are being greeted by a 'Knight', as the sports teams are the King's Knights (my grandsons should appreciate that.)
We got a better picture of the group of us in the daylight. We were missing just one from the previous night. Who are all those gray-headed people??

Going to a Christian school was a great blessing for me...more than words can tell. Each of the people pictured above is following the Lord down the path of life, and it makes for a very special bond and rich fellowship.
The insurance man and I left the barbecue Sunday afternoon and headed back down I-5 for home. It was good to get home, but I had a very special week and felt blessed.

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