Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer to Winter

We woke to this beautiful snow this morning. We had a snowstorm all morning long while in church, and I think about a 4 inch total. It was what we call a 'valley snow', moist and wet and heavy. We sat and enjoyed watching it with hot drinks in the early am. Yesterday we were working out in frigid temps till dusk working like beavers to get our yard finished up, and it felt so good this morning knowing that most of it was done.
Here's a photo of the back corner of the yard where the insurance man has been working all summer. Julie, here's the pergola although you didn't expect to see it in the snow did you? Dad just finished the floor of it yesterday. Whew!
The snow was so heavy there were a lot of tree branches down. Our neighbors tree lost the center out of it with broken limbs, and the insurance man was out helping them clean it up this afternoon.
The funny part is that a week and a half ago it was 92 degrees...what happened to autumn??


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie, you beat me to it posting snow pictures - I knew you would :)

Let me know when you might be walking in Juniper Park and maybe I will be blessed with the time to come meet you there. I am going out today to complete the last stage of finding that geocache. I really got stumped and my cousin from Texas helped me out.

I will keep posting about my great new "sport". Wish those Jones boys could come with me.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, the seed cakes - all of my bird stuff - I get at Wild Birds Unlimited out at the Forum near Barnes and Noble.