Friday, October 23, 2009

Vacation to Whistler

In some ways I feel that my contributions to our blog are sort of a travel-log. We have been so blessed to visit many unique and wonderful outdoor areas this past year, and I love to share them on the blog.
Last week we went on vacation with two dear friends to British Columbia...a vacation that was a year in the planning and dreaming stage. We left home for Eugene, as the insurance man had a business meeting the next morning. After completing that, we had the rest of the day to make our way north to Silverton where our friends live. We stopped by the town of Brownsville, as it is close to several familiar towns, yet we'd never been there. After a walking inspection, we had lunch in an old house turned cafe, that was quaint and good. Next we drove to Silver Falls State Park for some hiking. This park is about 12 miles from Silverton, but the insurance man had not been there since childhood. We found the park about deserted for the season, and had the trails mainly to ourselves. There are several falls in the canyon, and an 8-mile hiking trail connects them all. But since we had a limited amount of time, we chose to drive to the falls, and hike down to each. Here is the south falls, the first one we hiked to. The water flow was low at this time of year, but very pretty nonetheless.
This photo was taken from behind the falls. If you look closely at the above photo, you can see the trail that runs behind the water. We took this picture standing there, looking out at the waterfall. One more shot from behind the waterfall, showing the water falling into the pool below.
We hiked down to several more falls, and here the trail ends at the north falls.
On the last photo, the insurance man is standing at the top of the north falls, just before the river flows over the rocks in a free fall. There wasn't much fall color in the park that day. I think with the colder weather in the next week, the leaves really began to change while we were away.

We finished up our hiking just in time to get to Silverton and get something to eat with our friends after they finished up their work days. The next morning was our scheduled time to drive to beautiful B.C. So, I'll continue that thought next week.

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