Monday, October 26, 2009

We left the next morning for the Canadian border, and enjoyed the car trip. We stopped briefly to see my brother in Seattle, and enjoyed lunch in Lynnwood. The next stop was Blaine, known for being the border town in Western Washington. We got out at the park there and enjoyed the pretty gardens. The trees were not turning color there yet either. My friend Nancy had never been there before, so we walked over to the peace arch, a gift from Canada to the United States.
We weren't exactly sure what to expect at customs, as everyone had said that things were much different since 9-11. We all had our passports and got in line...
We found there wasn't much difference really...other than there were cameras that took a photo of your car and license to check. It took very little time, and we were soon on our way. We followed Highway 99, and found that we had to drive through downtown Vancouver to go north on 99. This highway crosses the main bridge in Vancouver, beside Stanley Park. It was dark by now, and we enjoyed seeing all the very tall sky scrapers, and beautiful buildings. After a 60 mile trip north we arrived at Whistler.
We had directions on where to go to check-in and that went well.
However the directions for finding our timeshare were sketchy to say the least, so we spent a good amount of time driving around on dark roads trying to find it. We breathed a sigh of relief, when we finally parked in the parking garage and made our way to a nice room and beds for the night.
The next morning we got up refreshed. This is our friend Glenn getting in a little reading time in the living area.
The week-end we arrived was the Canadian Thanksgiving week-end, so we quickly found out that everything was very busy and full at Whistler. It seemed so weird to have everyone wishing us 'Happy Thanksgiving' early in October, and selling turkey and holiday pies.
I will explain a little more about the village at Whistler tomorrow, but here is where we ate lunch the first day. The insurance man is not a beet lover, so I had to take this photo to prove he ate here. It was different, but good. I had a cream of carrot soup, and a roasted yam roll-up. The insurance man even found something he liked. More vacation tomorrow...

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