Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankful Harvest

I know it is Advent season, and most are gaily going about celebrating and making ready. But I just couldn't leave harvest season behind quite yet...without just two more acknowledgements. Here in Central Oregon it is difficult at best to grow a vegetable garden. We have been more or less trying for all of our years here, mostly with very limited success. This year a neighbor and friend was able to grow a few small pumpkins, something I have never achieved. They brought us several for decorations, and they stayed so firm and nice all throughout October and November, both indoors and out. The day before Thanksgiving we carved out the insides of two of them just big enough to add a small pint canning jar. I put water in the jars and added a few cheap but pretty blooms from the grocery store. Voila' we had our two centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table. I added a candle in a pretty holder and we really enjoyed those pumpkins. I even propped up the 'lids' to display alongside, and they are still going strong. Thanks Lord for the pumpkins this year!
The other harvest I am so grateful for was cherry tomatoes. This is our first year they have really done well. And there was an abundance! I brought in bowl full after bowl full, for the last half of the summer and into Indian summer. It was with regret that I picked our last bowl. They are little treasures to snack on or toss in the evening salad. For flavor...they just can't be beat.

We had three different varieties, all tasting uniquely different. Thank you Lord, for an abundance of cherry tomatoes!
One last thought:
"The year that is drawing toward its close
has been filled with the blessing of fruitful
fields and healthful skies-they are the gracious
gifts of the Most High God!"
Abraham Lincoln

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