Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandson Post

OK Sam, Will, Ben and Cal...this one's for you! I was out harvesting my big rhubarb plant this morning, and found this little guy happy as can be under the big wet leaves. He blends in really well to his surroundings don't you think? In actuality he was a silvery grey color with rust colored stripes along his cheeks. Can you boys tell me what kind he is? He wasn't too happy that I was taking his hiding place away, but he did stay still long enough to let me take his photo. Very obliging frog.

I have now pulled up all the stalks on my two large rhubarb plants, and taken them to a friend who is running a veggie stand not too far away. The first plant I pulled last week, and it is growing back quickly, and I expect is healthy for them. I took them for him to sell for his profit, but today he offered a large cantaloupe and a basket of blueberries in trade. I love barter!

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