Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I just love roses, and all things with roses. Living here in Central Oregon has always been a challenge for me in gardening, because I can't grow the lovely tea roses I was used to in Seattle, and I especially miss the rosebuds just before they open. I got brave enough a few years ago to try some old-fashioned climbing roses, and wonder of wonders they thrived!
They are still not the double, full rose blooms of my younger days, but they are pretty with their deep red single petals, yellow centers and day-long life span. They are especially pretty this season, as about a hundred burst into bloom
all at once last week. I also love the fact that they climb up and cover the arbor the insurance man built for us.
I have another couple of bushes here at the bird bath, and I can see these through my front screen door and the birds drinking and bathing happily among the roses.
Yes, with a little perseverance, even roses will bloom in the High Desert.

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Anonymous said...

My mom had a yard full of red roses too. She does have Peace roses too but the ones I love the most grow on their bush as bouquets of 6. I don't know the name but it always reminds me of a wedding. I love to watch those clumps aka bouquets appear and will try to remember my camera when they start blooming.

Gotta love flowers!