Friday, January 21, 2011

A 2nd day in Morgantown

Another great Grammy & Papa day, here with the Jones family. Overnight we had about 5 inches of snow, with a high temp today of 16-17 degrees. We decided that a trip to the library might help everyone with 'cabin fever', so we packed up the Suburban and headed downtown.
Calvin, Milly and Cecily all played with the toys while the older three boys selected new books. There was a great train set that kept Calvin occupied for a couple of hours. Papa and Peter ran to the store (an almost daily need) while Julie & I oversaw the library fun.

Ben looked for and read some horse books, while Will looked up dragon books to check out. Cecily sat and did every one of this stack of puzzles with Mom, while Milly tried out a variety of toys.

Sam is growing up right before our eyes. He was looking for books in the adult non-fiction section, which is his favorite. He picked out a history book by my favorite history author David McCullough, "Mornings on Horseback" a history of a section of Theodore Roosevelts' life.

After lunch of tuna sandwiches, carrots and bananas...the boys headed outside to play in the snow. The bigger boys went to make snow tunnels in the piles left by the snowplow, and Ben rode his disc down a run they had made at the side of the house.

They stayed out in the cold for several hours, having a grand time!

Meanwhile the girls got on their 'dancing girls' and had a fun time dancing to a new CD of hymns.

Next in line was a batch of chocolate chip cookies to surprise the boys with when they came in from the cold. Millie and Papa are the select bakers.

What dough Millie didn't eat got placed on the cookie sheets and ready for the oven.

The appreciative boys gave them the taste test and pronounced them wonderful. Papa says that although he doubled the recipe, the cookies disappeared really fast! Another very fun and busy day.
*Baby Update
Julie just walked 1/2 mile on her treadmill, and although it put her into a contraction, it is still just the pre-labor kind. It does help her to sleep better though.
More tomorrow.


Lora said...

Looks like a fun time. :) I like the girl's ballet outfits. I wonder if Milly is wearing the skirt that we sent some time ago that used to be Jorie's? So cute.

Laffing Dawg said...

Such fun. I will have to read that T. Roosevelt book. I love David Mc C too.

Hang in there Julie. Pregnancy doesn't last forever but it must seem like it at this point.

Enjoy your time together,