Thursday, January 20, 2011

We've Arrived!

I thought it would be fun to do sort of a daily journal with photos while we are here at Julie's. That way you can see a little of what we are enjoying. Julie can add in a little, as long as the baby hasn't arrived. No sign of the little one as yet... First thing this morning all the kids enjoyed a story from Papa as breakfast was being prepared. We enjoyed fried eggs and toast with apple butter along with wonderful grapefruit halves. No shortage of really good food here!
Grandma Bethel was so tickled with the last photo of Julie that I decided another was in order. This is how she looked, the day AFTER her due date. Baby is happy in there so far.

Millie gave me some cooking lessons later in the miniature kitchen. She really has some great food items. I think my favorite was her apple/peach/strawberry pie. She has grown into the apron I made her last birthday, and really gets into her cooking (she's serious!)

And this afternoon the whole family went to piano lessons for Sam and Will. They played their songs for me before they left and they were very well prepared. Both are enjoying their playing and mostly their practicing. Tonight we had Hungarian ham and cabbage soup with sour dough bread and butter. YUM! We are getting ready to watch a Dickens novel on DVD called 'Little Dorrit', or at least begin it while we eat our popcorn. A great first day, with a nap for Papa and then Grammy along the way. More tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Grandma Jennie, I am so glad to make this journey with you all this way.

Hugs all around,

Lora said...

Thanks for sharing! Excited to hear all about the new baby!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Jennie. Will enjoy keeping up on your time there. Tell Julie and Peter hello.