Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 8 and Baby Report

Yesterday morning everyone was feeling a bit blue with Julie about not going into labor. So, some white roses appeared. The girls delighted in them, as well as Julie.
Boy, is this a busy household! It's really hard to find time to post on this blog. Between school work, reading stories, cooking, endless dishes and laundry, playing in the snow and extra activities, it's a lot of fun! Yesterday, it was home school day at the ice skating rink, with cheap rates. As it turned out it was in the middle of huge snowstorm, and we were the only family that came. We had the ice rink all to ourselves.

The boys did a little practicing of their balancing and did a great job.

Millie got brave enough to travel around the outside of the rink, and go with Dad for a bit. Of course you realize that Julie didn't skate, but I did have to work to keep her from stepping out on the ice.


All the tired but happy skaters.

The two girls helped me wrap up the baby blanket I made for the little one, and give the present to Mommy. We were hoping it might make the baby want to come out to see it!

This morning Julie was in light labor, so we decided to go to the Mall to walk. There was a fun play place for the little ones to play while the older ones watched them, and we walked.

Millie on a plastic heart.

Cecily in a helicopter...

and Calvin helping to entertain little sister.
We walked much of the day. First at the mall, and then at the grocery store. Julie's labor became more pronounced as the day wore on.

William will turn 10 on Feb. 4th. We had previously decided that while we were here we would all go bowling as a family for his birthday. After getting home from the store, Julie didn't want to just wait around, so we put a chicken in the oven to roast and headed to the bowling alley.

The insurance man and I with all our fun grandkids, and the bowling guy in the background....

Granddaughter love....

Of course, Cecily wanted her turn, even though she couldn't lift a ball.

Julie was the designated picture taker, between contractions.

Papa gave Samuel some pointers.

Everyone had a general good time.

After we finished bowling, William opened a present from us.

It was two air pistols, and a real powder horn. Look at that big smile!

He also got a pocket-sized multi-tool, with a real flashlight from Papa.
We had dinner when we got home, and Julie checked in with the mid-wife. Peter and I were a little nervous to hear it would take her 1 1/2 hours to get here, and the roads are very snowy. She thought Julie should go to bed, and would probably wake up in full labor sometime in the night. We are to call her then. Of course, we do have 'Doctor John' here, if we should need him....which is just one of the designations for the insurance man. Hopefully, the midwife will make it. Please pray for us tonight, and for this new little life about to enter the world. We are all exited, and very grateful that God did speed the birth along. Hopefully tomorrow I will be posting photos of the new baby and family. One other prayer request: Normally the insurance man and I have a crazy day with the children after a birth. This entails dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch etc. going back to bed after 'dinner', mixing things all up and having a generally fun and crazy day. The point of all this is to celebrate the new baby, and to help the children to remember the day he/she was born. However, there is only one day left. So, we will have to do all of this tomorrow on top of everything. PLEASE PRAY that things will go smoothly, and God would be pleased to grant us the strength and patience to do this. Thanks! More later....

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