Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome Doris!

Yesterday, in Portland at the Immigration Services Federal Building, our friend Doris was sworn in as a United States Citizen. We were so proud of her as we watched and listened. There were 30 new citizens sworn in, from 17 different countries. It was a fascinating process to walk through with her. It was not without some difficulty, as Doris has to give up something precious to her, in order to take this step. The three of us have agreed to call her a German American.
We have the naturalization certificates for the insurance man's great-grandfather Heinrich Asmussen from Germany in 1897, and my grandparents Frank and Amelia Vernon from England in 1933 and 1954. We got them out and compared them this morning. Not much has changed. People are daily wanting to become citizens of the the U.S. It reminded us anew of the beauty and preciousness we have in being citizens of this great country, and the freedoms we each have.


Anonymous said...

What a special occasion to witness and to be a participant. I, too, welcome you Doris. The US needs people just like you and with friends just like the Asmussens.

How do you get the papers of relatives who have immigrated? Did your parents just have them or did you get them elsewhere, Jennie ? My grandfather came in through Ellis Island from France and I would love to see his papers.


Anonymous said...

Tell Doris Congratulations from us.