Saturday, January 22, 2011

No baby yet...

Well, day 3 has come and almost gone. Julie is walking on the treadmill again, but nothing in sight. We are looking forward to the Sabbath tomorrow, and hearing Peter preach again. It is Sanctity of Life Sunday, so he will be preaching on abortion.
We did a variety of small things today, keeping it simple. We had a rather late breakfast, then did some chores. Julie and I took the girls grocery shopping, while Papa and Peter took the boys sledding at a fun hill in a nearby park. We all met at home for a lunch of nachos and oranges. Cecily napped after that, while Sam and Ben played outdoors. Julie did a little cooking and a little bit of phonics with two of the boys. Millie, Calvin and I colored and Papa had a wrestling match. We enjoyed a really nice Sabbath dinner tonight, and while we were picking up the table and dishes the girls entertained themselves. Millie read what the picture represented and had Cecily point to it. Cecily eagerly joined right in and repeated after Millie pointing to the picture. I thought it was funny how they did this backwards in the chair.
Eventually they got turned right side around, sort of... but both of them enjoyed the sister time.

Papa and I have got our sleeves rolled up, and are pitching in with the cooking and esp. dishes. There is a never-ending supply around here. I kindly took this photo after the BIG piles were done, and the kitchen almost back to square one. Cooking for ten is an experience. Yesterday I opened up 4 cans of tuna for our sandwiches. It's rather shocking, and takes some expert shopping to accomplish this on a budget. Anyway, that's it from Morgantown for today.

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Lora said...

I bet Julie is enjoying the help! Especially now. Thanks for keeping us up to date!