Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Corn, Basil and Tomatoes

If you have these three ingredients, you have the makings of my favorite side dish this summer.

First you cut the fresh corn off the cob (usually 1 ear per person) You can use yellow or white, or a mix of both like I did in the photo.

Chop one bunch of fresh basil into a 'chiffonade' or long thin strips.

Slice fresh cherry tomatoes in half, enough to add some good color and flavor. Of course, best if they are fresh from your garden!

Saute the fresh corn in butter, and add some salt. After cooking a short while, add the basil and cook until wilted and fragrant. Add the tomatoes and just barely heat. Do not cook them or they will become mushy. One of the things I love about this dish is that it is so fresh tasting, right from the garden.

Serve and enjoy the compliments!

Tomorrow, early in the AM, the insurance man and I are taking off on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, via Yosemite and Death Valley. We will be gone for two weeks, thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Check out Julie's blog while I'm gone, and enjoy my grandchildren for me. When I get back I'm sure to have some great photos to share. Happy Blog viewing!

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Peter Jones said...

I really must try this. Sounds marvelous. Thanks for sharing!!