Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harvest Season

After such a slow start to summer, I wasn't at all sure it was worth planting a garden, and yet I did in an abbreviated fashion. At the present time the garden is beginning to show signs of autumn much too soon. We always have a very short growing season, but this year was the shortest I can remember. The garden did survive a night below 30 degrees this week, and several at the freezing mark, with help from some row covers. And this in August!

Yesterday I was pleased to find some reward for this work and hope. A few glads and dahlias to grace our table, as well as sweet cherry tomatoes and some fresh peas for our salads. Thank you bountiful Lord for the produce you have provided.

And I was VERY pleased to find the beans were ready for picking! They tasted extra good last night for the work it took to get them. We also have lots of garden lettuce, cilantro, some good Oregon strawberries each week, baby beets and hopefully some full sized (if small) tomatoes soon.
"And for everything there is a season. A time to plant and a time to sow." And a time to enjoy to products of the plantings. Thank you Lord!

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