Monday, September 12, 2011


Photo by John William Godward entitled 'Summer Flowers'

Yesterday, the hottest day of the year for us, God spoke to my heart. I was thinking about all the complaining I heard during June, July and August (including some from my own lips) about the cold, wet season. For me, the most frustrating part was for my garden, that was so far behind usual. But for many, the cool season was not summer-like, and inhibited summer recreation and pleasures. As this continued right through August, culminating in the hardest freeze we had seen in many a year (below 30 degrees) it seemed that summer was not going to show up at all, but we were going right into an early autumn. No tomatoes, no beans, not many wildflowers in the higher elevations, not many picnics, no warm summer get the idea.
And then, the weather changed again and we have had two delightful weeks of hot weather. The green beans and cherry tomatoes came on, the dahlias started blooming and all of us cold, wet humans dried out and warmed up in the welcome rays of a warm sunshine. I got to thinking about this, and it seemed so clearly an indication of lack of faith. I couldn't see into the future to know that summer was indeed still coming, so immediately took the path of no faith. Not only was summer still coming, it's been the best of the best. After 45-50 degree nights, it takes all morning to warm up, only getting hot in the afternoon and evenings, then cooling delightfully for sleep, just to start the cycle over again the next day. God was saving the best, only I couldn't see it ahead and so complained. Sounds like the Israelites. It's that way in all of life I think. We can't see ahead, and so start fretting or complaining, or worrying (all sin) and in reality God has saved the best, and His richest blessings for just ahead of us. Oh, for the blessing bestowed of more faith to trust in our gracious Heavenly Father!

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