Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting Our Kicks

 on Route 66!

Since we needed to go across Northern Arizona, we decided to go a bit out of our way and travel a 155 mile section of historic Route 66. Yeah, for road trips!
We ate in Kingman, AZ then John got his shirt on, and we climbed in for the adventure.

 We drove Route 66 from Kingman to Flagstaff. This is what the road looks like today. Just what I thought Route 66 would look like.

 Kingman has a lot to celebrate the old route. My Dad was stationed here in WW II, and hitch-hiked home to LA on leave, on Route 66. We had fun exploring Kingman.

 A view of the Arizona countryside along the way. There were LOTS of motorcyle riders out here.

Here are a couple of landmarks. Arizona has put Route 66 signs back up on this stretch. And there are just as many old motels along here as I would have imagined. Most however are vacant derelicts. We did see signs of life at a few little roadside stops still celebrating the old days. We even saw Elvis and Marilyn as we went by. When we leave Flagstaff tomorrow, we are going to eat at 'Miz Liz's' for breakfast, known to be the best place for 'Roadies' like us : )

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