Friday, September 23, 2011

Just In Case

I realize that most people who read this blog would probably not be about to go get this cookbook.  But just in case there's someone out there who's's amazing.  I had to put a plug for it on here because it's just that good.  Every cookie that I've tried (quite a few!) has been a truly excellent and trustworthy recipe.  I have come to value a cookbook that is made by people who extensively test their recipes so that I don't have to worry that something won't turn out. 
The cookie pictured is a Monster cookie.  There are best-of-the-best recipes for all the classic stand-by cookies and an inspiring variety of original things to try.  To name a few:  Vermont Maple Cookies, Double-Shot Cappuccino Bars, Tea & Spice Squares, Chai Shortbread, Chocolate-Peppermint Snaps.  Yes, this book is becoming my new best friend.  

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