Monday, January 9, 2012

Already Memories

Christmas 2011 is already but a memory. But I am just getting to sorting and printing my photos today, and I thought I'd take a minute to download a few of the highlights of the past month.

 The month started out with my birthday on the 1st, and the insurance man and JoAnn took me out for breakfast for a pumpkin scone and coffee.

 Shortly after that, granddaughter Kory turned 18 on Dec. 7th and we took her to Tacoma to see a musical version of the Christmas Carol, which was just wonderful. Here she is with our daughter Joy.

 This is Joy & Kirk's HUGE beautiful, live Christmas tree, that they cut down on some friends' property.

 We had such a good time with Joy and her family for the week-end, and here we are after a performance of their 'Singing Christmas Tree' in which Joy, Kirk and Kory all performed. My cousin Beckie brought her mom from Vancouver, and we all had a great time.

 We hosted many dinners and enjoyed the company of friends and family throughout the month.

My in-laws and brother and sister-in-law all came for the Messiah Concert, and we stopped for a photo op at the Theatre.

 On Christmas morning we enjoyed our stockings, traditional breakfast of Sausage Souffle and home-made applesauce, and a gift exchange after the morning Church service. JoAnn is currently enjoying this musical collection of Loudon Wainwright.

 Joy and her family came over for New Year's Eve week-end, and we had another gift exchange with them. Here is granddaughter Macy, opening up her new penguin bathrobe.

 Later on Christmas Day we drove to Burns, to celebrate there with the insurance man's family. His Mom had set such a pretty table for our 'next' Christmas dinner.

 JoAnn had fun sharing some new crocheting stitches with Grandma...

 and the insurance man shared a Christmas hug with his Dad.

 On New Year's Eve we had a few friends over for a party to celebrate the New Year. Macy is really getting into it with necklace and hat. But her favorite part was the 'blower' that made noise!

 Some of our New Year's party was really good, but we are still eating the left-overs. Good to remember for next time!

Kory brought her boyfriend Sam with the family...a first for her and for us. He was so nice, and fit right in. We all had a really nice week-end.  Thanks for going through the memories with me...and hope that your December was really fun and provided you with some good memories too.

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