Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quiet Escape

 Last week, the insurance man and I were able to get away for a few days to the Oregon Coast. What wonderful weather we had for January! It was cool, but bright, clear, and sunny, with no wind. Not even enough to fly our kite. It's rare to have the sky completely clear, day and night, but it was and we enjoyed it. We got in several really great walks on the sand, watching the waves. They were small-ish when we arrived, but bigger each day. We actually just got the best weather right up until we left last Saturday, with a monster storm approaching, in sheets of wind-driven rain, and the crashing of much, much bigger surf . We made it home and over the pass before the snow, but they did have snow on the sand that night, a fairly rare occurrence. We stayed at the home a friend inherited in Lincoln City, just two blocks from the beach, with a great access. It was so nice to have a whole home to stretch out and relax in.

We mostly ate in, as there was a complete, fully-equipped kitchen, but we did go to one of our favorites for lunch one day. We almost always go to the Otis Cafe for breakfast, but this trip it fit in our schedule to go at lunchtime. 
 It is just a few miles east of Lincoln City, at the 'big' town of Otis. It has been a favorite spot to stop for many years. I had a white cheddar tuna melt on home-made bread, with a truly gigantic chocolate milkshake, made like they used to in the 'good ol' days'....enough for both of us. The insurance man couldn't resist having his breakfast favorite...sausage gravy over home-made hash browns, a big plate full. Not a healthy eating place, even if it is all natural. Every thing's full of butter, cream, know all the good stuff! It was full on a Wednesday, 14 of us in there...including the four guys with burgers at the counter.

The house was quiet, peaceful and just what we needed for taking the stress level down a few notches after the holidays. I actually took this photo for JoAnn, because her favorite colors are purple (or lavender) and green. There was purple (or plum or eggplant depending on which generation you are) all over the house, which suited me just fine.

The irony of this picture is that the insurance guy had to hold my coffee container so I could take his picture, smile. He just loves doing that....But again, sweatshirt weather on the beach in unexpected blessing.

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