Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yeah Huskies!

When I was growing up in Seattle, I was the one selected to accompany my Dad to football games at the University of Washington Huskie Stadium. My Mom did NOT love football, and my younger (by 4 years) brother was too little. What fun Dad and I had, and those games instilled in me a life-long love for college football. The first time the Huskies played in a New Years Rose Bowl after I was married, found me in a bowling alley. The guys were at home watching the big game, and my sister-in-law had taken me in tow to go out and do something 'fun' with the rest of the girls in the family. Fortunately for me, the bowling alley had a small TV mounted to the wall by the concessions, and I remember well standing there totally absorbed in the game for several hours. It was the first Rose Bowl win for the Dawgs in the Don James era, and my sister-in-law was totally frustrated with me. 
Since I have been a transplanted Oregonian for 40 years now, I do love to watch the Ducks and Beavs, but my heart remains with the Huskies. 


 This week is a happy one in our household. All the college football bowl games are being won and lost, and seasons are ending. For the Washington Huskies, their season ended in the Alamo Bowl last Friday night. But what a way to go! It was the most entertaining game I have seen in several years. I am not ashamed to admit that I love a good offensive game. (Not so hot on watching long, boring defensive games) And this was the grand-daddy of offensive games....almost more of an exhibition game. Two great quarterbacks, going head to head with superb athletic plays, big passes and smart playing. The end score looked more like a basketball score, but the game was close and so much fun. Though the Huskies did not win, they played much better than I would have expected in a much anticipated and highly touted bowl game. They played Baylor University, and the opposing quarterback was the Heisman Trophy winner for 2011. Both teams need some work on their defenses for sure, but oh what fun for fans of great offense. Can't wait for next season!


Anonymous said...

I've always had a heart for those Dawgs too. Sorry I missed the game. I too love a really well played game. Growing up in southern California, before moving to Bend at the age of 17, I went to the Rose Bowl with my dad most years. So I loved to see Oregon finally get it together to win there. (I know, I am a Beaver alum but had to root for a Pac 12 team.) So, win or lose, I love a good game and enjoyed what I saw over the past 2 days. Happy New Year to you all.

Monica said...

I like football too, and this year my husband and youngest daughter have really been enjoying watching the games together on TV. Happy New Year by the way :)