Thursday, January 5, 2012

Solitary January

January is actually one of my favorite months. Everything seems minimalized, especially activities. It is my time to hibernate, after the whirlwind that is November and December. I have spent this first week cleaning up and putting away everything from Christmas and New Years and watching football. It's Thursday and I'm almost finished. There is no garden work for the next couple months, no busy social schedule and more time for the projects I love and need to do. I am not a people person at heart, and after weeks of social activities and family and friends I crave some much needed solitude. I am reminded of the times Jesus took out for solitude and prayer. We all need some time to rejuvenate and refresh, and January is my special time to  indulge that craving. I don't always get a quiet January, as sometimes there are more important things on the docket, like the birth of a new grandson last January, or my Mom to care for in her last days. But this year God has cleared my calendar, and I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks. The insurance man and I have a quiet trip to the winter Oregon Coast planned, partly as a retreat to review and refine our 2012 budget and finances, and partly some time to be alone together. I have a couple of sewing projects: 1) a quilt needs repair that I made 20+ years ago from pieces from my maternity outfits, and toddler clothing, 2) I have a piece of flannel that is begging to be made into a nightgown for my granddaughter Macy and 3) a quilt top made by my great-grandmother for my mother in 1938 that needs to be quilted after all these years. My family history research has been left undone for too long, and I can't wait to get back into it. I have some writing to get back to, and finally several scrapbook projects including: finishing up an album featuring Julie's school years, our vacation last fall to the Grand Canyon and finally in the Asmussen family history I am working on an album of the life of my father-in-law. Actually as I look through this list I'm not sure I see the minimalization, but I think it is just exchanging and finding time for other projects....which brings me back to January and the time for indoor, quiet projects. The above photo is one I have kept for many years and always get out in January to remind me to be quiet, to slow down and to enjoy the indoors. May you be blessed in this new season, and find some time to be quiet and enjoy solitude and projects.

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