Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

 Today is January 15th, my Mom's birthday. She was born Susie Erskine in 1927, the 8th of eight children born to Guy and Mabel Erskine. There are no baby photos of her, and the one above is the earliest we have. She is in the arms of her oldest brother Art, and I love the adoring look on his face.

 She is posing with her Uncle George's airdale pup in this photo. She is in grade school here.

 Here she is with her Uncle George Kuentzel at the time she graduated from Queen Anne High School in Seattle. Most of the boys in her graduating class had already left to fight in WW II.

 She married my Dad, Frank Vernon on March 12, 1946 in Seattle, right after the war had ended. Her best friend June was her maid of honor, and her brother Harold was Frank's best man.

 Here she is as one happy bride, on her honeymoon along the Oregon Coast.

 Four years later, she had her first baby, me. And four years after that my brother Joe was born. Susie never worked outside the home. She took care of her family and extended family all her life, and worked hard.

 Frank and Susie in Seattle.

 Later, Susie became a Grandma to five little girls, whom she dearly loved. Here she is with Julie, after we brought her home from the hospital. (Julie, is wearing the 'coming home' outfit, that my babies wore home, and all of Joy and Julie's have now worn...)

I wanted to honor her life today, and wish her a Happy Birthday. 
Susie Erskine Vernon, January 15, 1927-January 5, 2000.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Susie for bringing into the world and raising someone who would touch my life in amazing ways. I wish I could have met you in this life but we will have lots to share someday in our eternity.

Much love to you Jennie,