Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good-bye Trip....Postscript

 I found this photo this morning, after hunting around a bit. It was taken in 1995 at a family reunion, and shows me with my cousins Dale and Larry, all grown up. I think it will be a special photo for me now.

Our trip to Seattle went very smoothly, despite rain and snow from time to time. Larry was doing well in the hospital with pain control and we were able to visit most all afternoon. He was his usual joking self, which was fun and enabled all of us to enjoy our time together. It was really worth the trip, and God blessed us.

 Here are the three cousins, Larry, my brother Joe and I. My other cousin Beckie was not able to go as she is recovering from having pneumonia.

An interesting life phenomenon is the circle of life. While we were there we got to meet our niece's first baby and my brother's first grandchild.....Aiden Josiah Wheeler, born March 2nd. It's so good to know that while one life is ending, one is beginning and how that plays out all around the world every minute of every day. 

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Monica said...

I'm sure your trip was a difficult one to make. It is so hard to say goodbye in this life, even when we know the other person will soon be with our Lord. It is so nice to know that we can receive the greatest of comfort from our Divine Comforter.