Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Calvin Haddon

 Well, it's time to start finishing up my blogs about Julie's children, and my wonderful grandchildren. Julie and I put our heads together, but due to technical difficulties we were not able to post the video of Millie singing the song I taught her. You will just have to imagine it! So, now it's on to Calvin, and what a special little boy he is. At age seven, he is very precise in nature and very loving. He is missing a front tooth these days, a fact he is very proud of.

 One of our favorite things to do with Cal, is read since he still really enjoys being read to. Here Papa took him to the library and they had a great time together.

 Calvin and I like a very special kind of book. He owns a copy of 'Anamalia', which is an alphabet book, with little hidden pictures on each page of different items that start with that letter. We love to look at it together and try and find all the pictures, and then decide what they all are. He also likes the series: 'Can you see what I see?', and I sent him two of those for his birthday in February. We saved one for us to do together, and although we didn't make it through the book, it was really fun. He likes all the detail, and has a great memory.

 Here is Calvin with his Easter dinner. We had ham with raisen sauce, baked sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. Later that day we had birthday cake for Millie's birthday. I think Calvin was really looking forward to that plate of food!

 For Easter Cal got a little book with the characters from the 'Cars' movie. You colored with magic pens, that only worked on the right area for the color you were using. He enjoyed it all afternoon, and made some really super pictures with it.

And last, here he is with the other men of the family. Cal is #4 of the boys, but each is so unique and different. Cal cares about his clothes, that they fit and look right and what he is wearing on his feet. Every time we go to visit he shows me a new pair of shoes or slippers or sandals or boots that he is proud of. One special memory is when we found Calvin in his Daddy's office when he was just crawling. He had pulled a big theology book off the bottom shelf, had it open and appeared to be 'reading it' or at least was intently studying the page. We decided it was an indicator of things to come...

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Love learning more about Julie's children(your grandchildren). So fun.