Saturday, May 19, 2012


 Mom asked me to send her some photos of how our woods are looking now, all covered with green.  Here are some views from off of our back deck.
 Looking to the right...we just made the happy discovery that this little tree is a pear tree.
Looking to the can see the bottom of the vegetable garden that we are working on putting in.
 All the way to the left, off of the side deck is this little fenced space of yard.
Not green, but pretty are these container annuals that never fully died over our mild winter.
 Coming around to the front of the house, I took this picture just to show that we took out the overgrown, scraggly shrubs that were here.  We're working on fixing up the landscaping here in the front right now too.
A view of the front walk from the other side of the house.  The darker ground on the left is where I've started to lay new mulch.  All the area on the right will soon match. 
 In the previous picture, you might have noticed a rhododendron against the house.  The blooms are just about done.  I really enjoyed them.
And...fruit!  Isn't that little pear cute?

How's that for a gardening/yard update?  I will try to follow up in a few weeks when the landscaping and vegetable garden are done.  Now that the summer is approaching, I'm remembering why we moved here.  :)  There's so much beauty to cultivate and enjoy.  I really value working outside and having outdoor living space.


Jennie and Julie said...

Such a pretty post. It's hard to believe that all that green came after we left! It's just beautiful, and I know you are enjoying it. You should have a perfect rhododendron yard, as they love moisture and partial shade. That is a pretty white one. Truly a lovely scene for you to live in!

Monica said...

Everything looks very pretty