Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Will, also known as William Carl Jones

 It was a special treat to spend time with my two oldest grandsons while in W. Virginia. Since they are older, there is more history with these two and a more firm relationship. Will is my 'special Wills' and I am his 'special Grammy'. We had to stop at a very special candy store called Saris, in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and Will chose a very large jaw breaker on a stick. He was very delighted as you can plainly see. However, on opening the candy he found it broken into lots of pieces. What a great job he did of making it work, and taking it as he found it. I was proud of him.

 Will is the novel reader of the group. At any given time you can find him, on his bed, up at the top of a tree, in the back yard, or curled on the floor or a chair....reading. His only problem is getting enough books to read! So, for his chosen special time we went to a bookstore called 'Books a Million'. We browsed the novels, and he chose a new one in a series that he has been reading. We also found the 'I Spy' books, and sat and did several pages together. We found a coffee shop attached, and so I enjoyed a coffee while Will enjoyed a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie. The best way to browse books!

 In this very photo of four very serious children enjoying Papa's story, there is Will at the back making it humorous.

 Towards the end of our trip, the insurance man and I drove up into Central Pennsylvania to do some family research. Will and Ben decided to make the journey with us. We found the grave of William Williams, the insurance mans' 4th great grandfather and the small church he pastored. The boys did great, and enjoyed climbing trees while we searched the graveyard and took some photos.

We drove a couple of miles back to the closest town, and found this great old house which housed the Historical Society. While we did some research, Will and Ben got to tour the rooms with a docent, and they even had a room full of things children could touch and explore. I think the guide was impressed with boys that paid attention and enjoyed her history talk. Later, Will wrote and thanked me for that trip. That's pretty good for a whole day in the car. Of course, we did listen to the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on DVD, and Will also got in some serious reading time.

Will is learning to play the piano, and is doing really well.He seems to have a natural rhythm. At the end of the piano recital that we were privileged to hear, Will was accommodating enough to pick up his little sister so she could be included in the photos. Will also got to skip a grade last year in his home schooling, and when Julie got the test results back recently he had done a great job. Will is one very fun 11-year old be around.

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Peter Jones said...

Will really enjoyed the post. :) His head might have got a little large until I told him you were doing one on each of his siblings as well. :)