Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Pictures of Elijah and Cecily

I wanted to add some of the pictures that I took while Mom and Dad were here to the ones that Mom added.  These first ones are enjoying some sun out on the deck.

On Easter afternoon:  escaping by unconventional means from off of the porch.  Or at least pretending to.

Silly face.
"I found an egg!"

"And it opens!"
Cecily with her Papa.
Cecily was also enjoying some sun on the deck when Eli was.  She's showing me her horse book.
Easter afternoon:  stayed inside coloring in her new horse coloring book and singing lots of made-up songs.
She did come outside with us eventually.  :) 

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Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks Julie...it added so much to have more photos of both of them. What cuties you have around you every day!