Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Graduation!

 Kory is the first of our 10 grandchildren to graduate from High School. It just seems like yesterday we were doing all this with her Mom, and not THAT long ago we were graduating ourselves. But, time waits for no one, and so we found ourselves driving over to Woodland, and watching as Kory got ready for her big night.

 She was ready a bit early, and so posed for a few pre-graduation photos, with Papa...

 and Aunt JoAnn.
It was a very rainy day, and as the graduation ceremony was outdoors on the football field, there were a few jitters about what the weather would do. We headed to the school with umbrella's in hand.

 We found good seats on an uncovered bleacher right in front of the graduating class, and had a good view for picture taking. Kory walked in with her boyfriend Sam Anderson, and they both looked happy (no rain) and exited.

 Here is the entire graduating class of Woodland High School.

 Kory is shaking hands and receiving her diploma from the President of the School Board. She finished second in her class, and is wearing honor gold cords which she worked hard for!

 After the ceremony, we all posed for photos. We made it with no rain thankfully, but it was really COLD! (Note the heavy coats) Kory was shivering violently, so she borrowed my coat for the night. She and Sam headed off for their class party in Portland, and the insurance man and I headed back to the house to warm up!

 The next evening we had a big graduation party for Kory. Her mom had completed two photo scrapbooks of all Kory's school years (excluding graduation) and here they are waiting to be opened. It was a big project, and even I got to help out in finishing up some of the pages.

 We spent all day Saturday preparing the food and it was delicious. Joy served hamburgers and hot dogs, home made potato salad, homemade mac and cheese, various other accompaniments, and home made strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Really yummy, and the insurance man took advantage of it!

 Kory and a few of her friends had a great time looking through her new scrapbooks. It was the hit of the party, as everyone entertained themselves looking through them and enjoyed looking back over the years of Kory growing up. What a special gift!

We thoroughly enjoyed the graduation, our family, and the week-end. Kory will be attending Corbin University in the fall, and is really looking forward to it. I'm happy it's in Salem, Oregon, just over the mountains from us, so we'll be able to visit often.

A kiss for luck, and she's on her way....


Monica said...

Congratulations to Kory, and to you for enjoying her graduation :)

Nancy said...

So glad it didn't rain. Congrats to Kory. Beautiful young lady.

stevenjared0853 said...

Truly emotional! Successful daughter of the proud parents! Enjoyed the carnival and youth fest organized by our college management at one of the spacious Los Angeles event venues few weeks back. Refreshments served were yummy. End part was the best. Danced at the amazing musical beats. Eagerly waiting for the farewell party dinner next month.