Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Nightgown for Millie

Amelia and I started this project quite some time ago.  Back in the fall of last year she was really wanting to start a sewing project.  I knew we would be moving and Christmas was coming, but we started it anyway.  :)  She is just begining to show real interest in sewing and making things.  I had the pattern and a stack of flannel fabric to choose from already.  So, she chose the style and the fabric and I began walking her through the steps as I did them, so she could see the process.  We nearly completed it before we moved...when it got put into a box...and we didn't recover it for several months.  About a month ago, we finally found it, pulled it out and put on the finishing touches.  She and I are both pleased we did it.  Even if she is wearing a long-sleeved, flannel nightgown in June.  :)  
I've never really had time to sew for Millie.  I'm pretty certain that this is the first thing I've ever made for her to wear.  I remember how much it meant to me to wear something my mom made for me when I was a little girl.  I was so proud and felt so loved.  I think that memory makes me squeeze in the time now.
She picked the lace at the fabric store with me.  Amazing how special a simple nightgown-project  can be.  :)

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Monica said...

Awwww the nightgown is so sweet, and she looks so happy to be wearing it. I agree with you ... homemade things are just that much more special.