Monday, November 19, 2012

I love piano recitals!

As I've posted before, I try to host two piano recitals a year for my students.
I have six girls I am currently teaching, and it is a true joy.

 Several of the girls are gifted, and so much fun to work with. They each introduce their songs and composer, then play several selections, and finish with a bow. This is Abigail, age 7.
 And this is Emily her sister, age 11. She is really getting accomplished, and we have a lot of fun playing duets together.
 We recently held an autumn recital, and the house was filled with friends, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, cousins and siblings. We are about to outgrow my living room I'm afraid.
 This is Shayli, age 6, and her sister Brinnay, age 4, also took part in the recital. They are so cute sitting at the piano with their legs just dangling!
 Everyone had a really good time, and I feel so good about the confidence and support of these girls.

And a final parting shot of Shayli, Brinnay and Ella, ready to go home with their celebration bouquets. Ella can't wait to grow old enough to join her sisters at the piano. I hope what they learn will stay with them all through their lives, and they will get much enjoyment from music.

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Peter Jones said...

I love getting to "see" your recitals! Those are such cute little girls. :)