Friday, November 2, 2012

A Morning with Cecily

Today I was on the phone with Julie, and here's just a part of the conversation she was holding with Cecily at the same time:

Julie: "No, it's not time to change clothes, we're going to have Nachos for lunch in just a few minutes."

Me: "Was that Cecily?" (Guessing, knowing how much Cecily loves to change her clothes)

Julie: "Yes, she had her swimsuits in her hands."

Me: Laughing..."She has not grown out of that phase as quickly as the others!"

Julie: "Here we are in the snow, and I'm trying to keep enough clothes on the kids to keep them warm, and she wants to put on her swimsuits!"

Soon after:

Julie calling: "Girls!.... Girls!.... (Try another approach) Amelia and Cecily! "Yes, Mam?" Please come here. (They are now before her) You have made a mess, and we need to pick it up before lunch. Cecily, there's a blanket, and you need to pick it up and put it away over there. Now...Cecily, you don't want me to have to talk with you again about this....and you need to put on your sweet face."

Julie, to me: "Mom, you should just see her face!"

Soon after:

Julie: "Cecily is calling Bronwyn, 'Shewie'.

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Julie: "Remember, right after Bronwyn was born Cecily informed me I should have named her Shewie? She thought that would have been a better name since she was 'chewing' on her fingers! Well it's been 3 weeks, and she is still calling her Shewie!"

Fun times around the Jones household....and good things to laugh about later!