Monday, November 26, 2012

On a Monday

1st Day Towards Christmas 2012
Routines-  I have always fought them, but now am thankful for the day-in-day-out rhythm of them, especially in the mornings as I get our day under way.
God's Word- I am thankful to hold God's Words to His people in my hands and heart.
Writing- Thankful for a good friend to write with, every other Monday morning, and writing about Christmas memories this morning.
Decorating- Started on my Christmas decorating this afternoon by changing dishes and putting out kitchen towels and tablecloth. Listened to good old time Christmas music while doing it.
Cooking- It's so nice to pull out a tried and true recipe, a favorite. We had hamburger gravy (which uses 1 can of french onion soup) on baked potatoes and yummy cole slaw for dinner.
Medicine- I'm thankful I live in an age of medications when needed. I kept a migraine at bay, while I completed my day successfully and went to bed early.


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Peter Jones said...

Nice! I'm so glad you succeeded in your day in spite of the headache. You seemed to make very wise choices. So often I see in hind sight what I could have done to succeed in spite of difficulties, but too late. It's great when you can rejoice at actually having done it well!