Friday, November 9, 2012

Lovely Seasons

November 4,2012

 Joy, Kirk and Macy were here last weekend, to celebrate Joy's birthday. On Sunday morning we all woke up 'hot' even though there was no heat on in the house. Since we had just turned our clocks to daylight savings time, Macy was up by 7 am, and came downstairs all dressed and ready to go outside and play. When I told her it was too early, she told me she was hot and needed to go outside to cool off. So, here she is on our porch swing, 'cooling off'. It really was amazing weather, the grass was growing like spring, it was balmy and nearly 70 degrees the day before. I wanted to snap this photo to help me remember that on November 4, 2012 we were still enjoying summer weather. What a long, lovely Indian Summer and Autumn we have enjoyed, and I've tried to absorb every minute of it.
I don't normally write a post about the weather, but isn't weather just the best thing? God did such an amazing job of creating seasons and weather. Two weeks ago we were at the Oregon Coast in a rain storm, and it was absolutely lovely the whole rainy week-end. Today (5 days after the summer weather) we woke up to an inch of snow and winter is here, as more is forecast for our week-end. I love how the seasons transist, with 1 or 2 or sometimes 10 steps forward, then the same backwards until the new season finally arrives with a flourish.
It has been fall yard clean-up around here in earnest, trying to beat the snow fall. We didn't quite make it, but really put our backs into it the last few days. That means trailer load after trailer load of leaves and pine needles to the dump, and yesterday morning the insurance man got in the trailer to smash down the load a bit, and actually rolled around in the leaves like the boy he still is at heart!

I am blessing God today with a grateful heart for the wonderful, amazing seasons full of everchanging weather for all to enjoy.

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