Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Julie Post

 Julie is someone we never see much of on our blog posts. She is the busy one, the mother always taking the photos of someone else. Since I was right there with the family, I was able to get a few of her for a change. The above photo is how she looked most of the time on our trip. A babe snuggled to her chest, contentedly sleeping most of the time. There's something delightful to see a mother and child so connected, and peaceful.
 Julie and her three daughters, Millie, Cecily and Bronwyn. Bronwyn got to take her nap for just a brief while in the stroller provided by Jamestown.

 The trees and flowers really popped out while we were on vacation, the warm weather bringing on the red bud trees especially. They are lovely, the first to bloom, and before they set on their leaves for the season. Cute little feet sticking out of the front-pack!

 Julie, with six of her eight blessings, filling a pew in the re-constructed church at Jamestown.
 Just in case Bronwyn was gone for a moment (being carried by someone else), Julie would be seen using her new camera. She really got a lot of use from that camera over the weeks we were there, and took some really nice photos. She is interested in photography, and since she has so many subjects to photograph it is a handy tool.

 This photo is one that you will have to click on to see it larger and appreciate. Every so often Bronwyn would wake up enough to want to eat, and Julie would find an out-of-the-way place to accomplish that discreetly. It all went amazingly smoothly. Here though, Julie & Bronwyn have stopped for a moment's rest and a chat with a costumed lady. A typical sweet
Williamsburg scene.
 Julie and I had quite a few lovely times together on this trip. Here we are standing in front of a tea house at Bassett Hall, the home of Franklin D Roosevelt II, and enjoying a garden tour. We also got to attend a cooking demonstration in Morgantown, put on by 'A Taste of Home', a wedding shower tea, time together to just talk and laugh, a lunch together at the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg with shopping afterwards (just the two of us a rare treat) and we felt like we got our cups filled up a bit with each other's company.

Because Bronwyn was with her mother most of the time, I didn't get very many photos of her. I am including this one, because Bronwyn goes along with the post on Julie. Where Julie is, there Bronwyn is. But here, outside of church on a Sunday, all decked out in her Lord's Day best, I got to hold and love on her. She is adorable, and such a great baby. The whole family dotes on her. I SO enjoyed meeting her. She is number eight in her family, and my mother was number eight in her own family, so there is a real connection between this Grammie and #8.

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