Sunday, April 7, 2013

Visit to the Jones Family

 We are all enjoying each other, and basking in being together! Here are Papa and Grammy getting to know Bronwyn, the newest family member. I decided to just post a few photos to show the children and how much we are enjoying ourselves.

 Julie, Amelia. Cecily and I all went to a bridal shower 'Tea Party' together, and the girls each received a cookie in a white wrapper as they left. More on that later....
 Lots of baby time, cooking and reading. So fun!
 Cecily and Bronwyn.
 Papa went with the boys on an adventure. They followed the creek at the bottom of their property for about 1/2 a mile, through a canyon and on to the mighty Monongahela River. Here's some of the first to get back.
Today we celebrated Millie's 6th birthday, and we started out with glazed pecan scones, fruit, hard boiled eggs and chocolate milk, all selected by the birthday girl. There are twelve of us, and we don't all fit at the dinning room table, so the children all take turns sitting at a small table on the side. This morning it was Sam & Will's turn to sit there : )

 Miss Bronwyn on her way to church. Maybe practicing for the hymns?
 Everyone loves the baby, especially biggest brother Sam.
And then a birthday tea party this afternoon, complete with pink frosted cupcakes and sparkles.

Tomorrow we are all on our way to Williamsburg, for a much needed vacation for the Jones Family. Can't wait to post some pics from there.


Kathy Poncy said...

What a joyful post. Thank you Jennie. It is so good to see you again. When you return home maybe we can get together. Millie, I drooled over your breakfast - what a wonderful selection. I hope your day was special.

You all know how much I love the Jones family. I hope your trip to Williamsburg is fun and restful for all (is that even possible :D ) Well, I hope it is fun and memorable. Looking forward to the next post.

Lora said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed all the pictures!! :-)