Monday, April 22, 2013

Wonderful Vacation

We have returned home from a glorious two weeks with Julie and her family. We had such a good time with each precious grandchild, and since we only get to see them about once a year, we relished each moment. It was an exceptional blessing for all of us to travel and visit Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia. Traveling with twelve of us had it's challenges, but overall it went very smoothly. There are many needs to be met, between a 6-month old and an almost 14-year old, and including two seniors (that's us!) But the memories will be sweet and long lasting. Over the next week I will share some of my favorite photos, and hopefully Julie will chime in with a few of her favorites too.
I am going to start with a few of the grand kids as they would have looked like in Colonial times.
 We had a very fun morning at a house in Williamsburg that was chock full of things for the kids to see and do. Very hands-on, which was entertaining for all of us. Ben and Millie tried on a few hats....

 and Cecily tried one on too.
At Jamestown, Samuel was patient as I tried a Colonial 'shirt' on him (they were linen & went to their knees back then) while Ben tried on a bit of armor like a soldier of the fort.
and Millie thought that would be fun too.
All of us girls went to a millinery shop and fell in love with the different types of head wear. We decided to get these 'mop caps' for Millie and Cecily and they were a big hit! We also got one for Bronwyn but Julie has the photo of the baby one. Maybe she will share it with us.

 The hats had draw strings in the back to tighten the hat to fit the size of head, and looked so cute hanging down.

The girls enjoyed them after we got back home too....they look pretty old fashioned reading here together, don't they?

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