Monday, April 29, 2013

Samuel Nils Jones

I thought that this week I would a few of my favorite photos of each grandchild, from our trip. This will update Great Grandma and other family members on how each child is growing and changing. It also shows all the fun things I got to do with each one.
 On Ben's birthday we all went to the park. Samuel was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to go fishing and catch a fish for me (seafood lover). So we sat and I tried to show him the 'string game', while I told him the story of how John and I met and how we played the string game together while we talked and got to know each other. I told him it might come in handy as a courting 'tool'. Unfortunately, we could only get in a few moves before I forgot how to finish it up. But we had a great few moments together.

 Julie has enrolled Ben and Calvin in a gym class, and above the gym is a balcony for runners and walkers. Sam and I got in several laps together before he and William decided to do some running. Sam isn't as tall as I am yet, but I expect one of these days soon he will be.

 After gym class, Samuel and William go to piano lessons. While Sam was waiting for William to complete his lesson he got in some drawing time, one of his hobbies. He's getting really good at it too, along with learning to play the piano.

 In Williamsburg, we toured the Governor's Palace, where the English Governor of Virginia stayed. Sam, in the green shirt, is at the back of a group listening to the guide. He has his Williamsburg pass on the back of his hat, a creative place to show he's paid!

 At Jamestown Sam and I enjoyed exploring the front of the largest of three ships that brought the first colonists to America. They have done a really good job of recreating these ships, and making them hands-on for children and adults to explore and ask questions.
 At the Jamestown fort, Sam is wearing a man's linen shirt, which even though Sam is getting much taller, was still too big. He said it was pretty comfortable though.

We got to do a bit of dancing in Williamsburg, 15th century style. It was fun dancing with my older grandsons. They are experienced dancers with the period balls they attend each year. An older gentleman accompanied us on a flute-type instrument that was beautiful.

And one more photo of Sam trying out the water buckets, and feeling what it would have been like to haul water from the well in Jamestown. He said it was heavy though the buckets didn't have any water in them. A good lesson.... 
I don't have any photos of Samuel holding his youngest sister Bronwyn, but you'll just have to take my word that he did a lot of that. Whenever he can get his hands on her, he loves to hold her and keep her entertained.

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Kathy Poncy said...

What a wonderful idea, Jennie. I loved getting to know Sam through this post. He is getting to be quite the handsome young man.

Looking forward to William's time with you. I am guessing you are going in birth order.

I love my "extended family",