Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Use

Today I am just writing...with only 1 photo. I have decided to use the blog for a daily journal of sorts...keeping track of my many or few activities and thoughts. I think I will benefit from this in two ways: 1) There will be a record for me to look back on and re-read later 2) I won't be trying to keep up a journal and a blog at the same time, but will combine them into one.
Hopefully, this won't bore anyone...as I keep track of a very ordinary 58 year old. Of course I will still add photos as I take them and record the beauty God has surrounded me with. It's just that today, I don't have any...and might not from time to time.
After being gone to Burns for a good week-end, yesterday we got up and were ready to tackle a new week. We dusted off our bicycles and rode several miles around the neighborhood. I was pleased to find that my indoor bicycling had helped strengthen my leg muscles and I could do better than the last time we rode. I only had to get off and walk towards the top of one hill. The insurance man does much better than I do at climbing hills, but I'm faster on the straight stretches. We are hoping to continue this 2-3 times a week through most of the summer/fall. I am still unable to walk very far, so this is a good solution.
We came home and with a cup of coffee and tea each, drew out a plan for a portion of our yard that needs some renovating. Our raised vegetable beds are falling apart, so we are slowly going to dismantle them and build smaller, lower beds out of rock. We are also adding an arch and seat, a fire pit, some flower beds and a rock garden. We've been collecting rocks for years and never had a place for them. This is the insurance man's way to shine in his creativity...as he makes up all these and just goes out and builds them. We are in no rush...as it's a big project.
After the insurance man left for work, I settled in for my time with the Lord. I am reading in Joshua right now, and usually read a prayer from Valley of Vision...a collection of Puritan Prayers. I also read a chapter from J.I. Packer's 'Concise Theology'. This morning the chapter was about the N.T. Church, and the role of Elders. Later I did laundry and caught up from the week-end.
My insurance man came for lunch about 1 pm, and around 2pm my friend Melanie came for afternoon tea. The weather was beautiful but just a little on the cool side. We sat in my new Adirondack chairs on the deck in the sunshine, and enjoyed tea served in my silver teapot and drank from two of my china teacups. What could possibly be finer than tea with a friend on an early June summer afternoon? We visited for over an hour, then came inside to play a game of canasta. She left after 5:00 and I scrambled to get dinner ready and eaten before my writing group arrived at 7:00. This is a group of five of us, that meet together every other week. We take turns bringing writing prompts, and do one free write then several writing prompts (that do stretch us). I love this group, and love the writing. It's always so much fun and creative and I feel so good when they leave and energized. I have learned much in the last several years, and mostly have really pinpointed my gifting and writing style. We each read and share what we have written, and get feedback. Last night was no exception, and it was just pure fun. Here is an example of my writing:
The prompt was to write about your dream home....

"I used to dream of a big house, with lots of places to be alone, places to hide, places to read. Now I dream of a little house, just a place for two. A cozy cottage, simple and easy. A space to fill with heirlooms and love. A braided rug, a real wood fire in winter and a rose arbor in summer. A white picket fence to hold the blowing flowers in. A ticking clock and a solid roof, a comfortable chair next to a wide window. A couple of dormers too if you please. Nothing fancy, just my dream of a place called home, very sweet home."
It was interesting that none of us wrote of fancy houses, a dream kitchen or furniture...but about the people, the happiness and the love. Very revealing in this culture of prosperity and divorce. We only have 10-15 minutes to write, so not very long to develop thoughts or stories, but enough to get some feelings out on paper. We have some very talented people in this group, and I love hearing their writings. While we were busy writing the insurance man was busy building his first flower bed, one for iris's as we need to divide and replant the ones we have. It's beautiful and ready for planting. After that time for bed...another very good day.

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