Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Loving and Polishing Silver

I am a lady that loves silver things, and the way they shine in sunlight or candlelight. I don't mind polishing it, as I like to see the tarnish vanish and sparkle restored. I have several items, mostly inherited and I cherish each. Above is a christening cup presented to the family upon the birth of the insurance mans' grandfather, Otto Asmussen. They were a German family, and so the cup shows his name as: Otto Detlef Cesar Asmussen, but generally he just went by Otto Carl. I keep it on top of my silverware chest with a few miscellany silver spoons inside. The silverware chest holds a set of Sterling Silver for 10, inherited from my Aunt Minnie. I believe she purchased it in the 1920's. It is always so much fun to set the table with it, and when I keep it in it's box, there is hardly any tarnish to be dealt with.
A few years ago my mother-in-law gave me this teapot, which was handed down in the Asmussen family and brought from Germany. The silver is thin, much more so than my other pieces, but so ornate and pretty.

No, this is not silver...your eyes are not deceiving you! I just snapped this photo, because I keep it next to the silver. The tray I got from Julie one year for my birthday, and I chose to fill it with sand dollars and sea shells. I will wait for another day to tell you the story of Happy Camp and finding all those wonderful whole sand dollars. All the white just sets off the silver so nicely.
And last but not least...my silver tea service. The actual service is the coffeepot and teapot in the back along with a sugar and creamer, front sides, and the tray. The insurance man and I found this one summer in Aloha, Oregon and decided to purchase it for our 25th (silver) anniversary. I have so enjoyed it...and it has had an honored place at family weddings and anniversary celebrations. After I got it home I found that not all the pieces match....they are from two different patterns, but it didn't matter because I loved them both. Also in the center of the tray is a sugar bowl that matches the teapot from Germany. The creamer was lost in the days of John's grandma Addie Asmussen. Center front is a little silver 'baby' cup that was given as a gift on the birth of my insurance man...(back in the day when silver was a special gift). All of these pieces get used, and that means tarnish...but it's not a bad chore on a rainy afternoon, and then to see them glow in that evening's candlelight is a true blessing. It made me think this morning of how God polishes the 'tarnish' away from us, to reveal not our own sparkle...but the sparkle of His Glory. I'm so glad He doesn't mind the work....

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Peter Jones said...

:-) Nice. I like that white tray. It looks lovely. Yes, you do like your silver. Maybe I will too when I have time to polish it.
Love you,