Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, we haven't posted much lately. Mom is travelling. Thankfully, she is on her way here as of tonight. We hope to do some posts together while she is here. Recently she sent me this picture over email. I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would put it on here. Pictured here are my great-grandmother, Martha Louise Brown, and her four children with their families. Great-Grandma had 3 daughters and a son. One of the daughters is my dad's mom. On the far right is Aunt Wilma. Next to her is my Grandma Bethel and her family. She had two sons and a little adopted daughter from Korea. My dad is the shorter of the two boys and he's standing in front of Great-Grandma Brown. The next over is Uncle Art and his family. Last, is Aunt Elna with her husband and newly adopted baby. My dad said he was 6 when this picture was taken and that the whole family was at the beach together. He says he remembers it very well. It must have been about 1956 then. My mom sent me the picture because she thought that my dad at age 6 looked so much like my third son, Benjamin, who is 6 right now. But when I got it, I just loved this group picture and since Grandma, Aunt Wilma and Aunt Elna read this blog, I thought it would be fun to post it here. It would be fun to know their comments about this picture sometime!


Anonymous said...

Great picture julie. Have a special visit with your mom and give us some great posts while she is there.
Praying for you,

Lora said...

Thanks for posting this photo, Julie! I love it! :) I would love to see more photos like this one. It's so fun to see resemblance of our kids now in our parents. I can see some of Heidi's son, William, in my dad in this picture!

Anonymous said...

It is fun to see the picture of the Brown family in younger years. Stan and I had just returned from our first term in Taiwan, and Phil joined our family. Believe it or not that is him in that bundle in my arms. We were together at Yahacts and it was cozy as we all packed into an old cabin along the beach. Our Mom loved the beach and spent time looking for shells with the grandchildren. You are correct - it was 1956. Thanks for the blogs. They are so much fun. Elna