Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Thursday in June

Thursday morning, and time for another bike ride. This time I made it the whole way without getting off (just made it though) and glad for the exercise. We even extended the ride a little. It would be good to do that once each week, until we are riding further and further.
I spent the morning doing small errands, groceries etc. One of the errands was a fun one, as I took the CD's that Julie had sent and made some copies of photos of the children. I will post one especially cute one of Cecily the baby tomorrow. When I got home to fix lunch it was an hour later than I thought it was. The insurance man walked in right behind me, and when I told him he was a little early he looked at his watch and laughed. He was actually later than usual. I'm just always behind it seems.
After lunch I settled down to get some things done on the computer. Some items ordered etc. I fixed up a couple of cute photos of our 2nd youngest granddaughter, Macy Hope. The photos had a lot of red eyes, so I edited them and posted them for you to see. They came to see us recently and on Sunday morning, fresh from the shower she came out in a new 'twirly' dress. Here she is in the kitchen, just starting to twirl so I could see her twirly skirt
billow out. After trying to twirl she sat down with a thump! She hasn't really been walking all that long.

When she got all righted, she had a big happy smile and a twirly skirt on the ground. It was a delight to have her visit and I look forward to getting to know this precious little girl. We will be visiting her family in a little over a week, so I will get to hug her again.
After our week-end visit to Macy's house, her big sister Kory and I will be catching a flight from Portland to Pittsburgh to go visit Julie and her family. Kory, Julie's family and I are all counting down the days. With each day that goes by I am getting more and more exited...and can hardly stand the wait.
One other thing I did today was to get outside in between storms and clean up some of the debris from the hail and rain storms. We have been having several severe storms, and it has left a lot of Juniper 'duff' on our driveways, and leaves, twigs and dirt everywhere else. I used the blower from the insurance man's garage vac and it looks a lot better. I hope most of it came out of the trees, so the next storm won't make such a mess. My poor rhubarb looks like someone shredded it...and just a few days ago it was so big and tall, in it's glory. It made me think of the farmers, and what damage a storm like that could do to the crops. It would send them to the bank for a loan I think. I mourn for my flowers and plants, but at least they are just decorative and will bounce back.
We had a quiet dinner tonight of leftover grilled hamburgers. I tried something new though for a vegetable. Fresh green beans are not very good this time of year and yet I love to get the fresh. So I found a bag of French Cut Beans (sealed) but fresh and followed the directions tonight to cut a corner of the bag off and cook in the microwave for 4 minutes. I was sceptical to say the least, but they cooked and were terrific with a little garlic powder for seasoning. The insurance man is watching the NBA play-offs tonight and rooting for the Orlando Magic.
I am going to settle in with 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.

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