Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lovely Homemade Gift

Some young ladies from church, Theresa and Hannah Moss (ages 17 & 14), worked together to make and frame this and present it to me on my birthday this year. I've been meaning to post a picture to share because I really do treasure it when people take the time to make something for me themselves. Blue happens to be my favorite color and I love the cute little girl with the ribbon in her hair. Don't you think that's a sweet thing to have hanging in my kitchen?

After I took the picture to share of the birthday gift, I remembered that previously Theresa Moss had presented me with a drawing she did of my daughter. It's really special and worth sharing so I'm including a picture of it as well, though it doesn't do it justice. She drew it by looking at a photograph of Amelia. When she was done she thought I might like to keep it. It might be one of the neatest things anyone has ever given me. It's the only hand-drawn portrait I have of any of my kids. Really something to treasure.

Such talented and sweet girls!

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Monica said...

What neat gifts! The picture of your daughter is done so well. The artist is very talented.