Saturday, December 12, 2009

Evergreen Gentleman

I know everyone has probably had their first snow by now. Ours was very late this year. We didn't see a flake until last Saturday, December 5. We got several inches rather suddenly and it inspired us to run out and chop down our Christmas tree. We've cut down Christmas trees in the past with both snow and no snow and it's, hands down, more fun with the snow. While we were out, I snapped a picture of this cute, six-inch tree amid all of the tall, stately Christmas trees. Not only was it tiny, it had on a little white cap and looked to me like he was almost bowing and tipping his hat.

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Lora said...

You must've been out of town when we had snow in October! We had quite a bit one of two days during the first part of Oct. I hope it snows for Christmas! That's when I really enjoy the snow! :)